Public Fixed IP Address Overlay

With the constantly evolving requirements for high data usage across cellular connections Vital Trace via the innovative IP AiR solution have overcome the major challenge faced by users who need to utilise a public fixed IP address for their business cellular requirements

The IP AiR solution with its unique approach can now offer clients a cost effective cellular based public fixed IP address solution with monthly data allowances up to unlimited. Until now these types of services have typically been financially unviable.

With any cellular based communication network security needs to be considered and in particular in the transmission of sensitive data, such as financial, CCTV / ANPR, Local Government, Police and military information.

To this extent the IP AiR solution offers the following levels of security.

• AES (256 bit) encryption method with GCM
• Integrity and replay protection of the transmitted data
• Approved for classified information by the BSI according to VS-NfD (Layer 2)
• Tamper resistant design, tamper-proof key storage (layer 2)
• Compliant with the requirements of FIPS 140-2 L3 and CC EAL3 (Layer 2)
• Additional proprietary software encryption key which is hard-wired to the physical servers in the London Telehouse (1,2,3) datacentres.
• Not susceptible to VPN attacks

IP AiR Benefits

• Public fixed IP addressing with data flexible data packages from 1Gbyte to unlimited
• Contracts from 30 day to multiple years
• Ability to run multiple public fixed IP addresses across a single connection
• Highly secure and encrypted
• Rapid deploy capabilities. Service can be activated and desptached within 24 hours
• Extremely cost effective
• Uptime statistics for SLA reporting
• Standalone operation or seamless failover capabilities as a back up to primary circuit

Hardware Control Panel

Access to all your devices from a single control panel, view usage stats, uptime, network performance and event logs.